It’s Time to Choose Yourself To Lead

It’s Time to Choose Yourself To Lead

No more waiting on the sidelines.

We need you.

Don’t feel “Ready?”

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Acts of Courage and Rebellion:
Moving Women From Influence to Power

Want to Change the Face of Power?

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Power Becomes You brings together women and nonbinary leaders daring to reach for the reigns of power in every industry.

Dream Big. Start Small.

Whether you are a seasoned executive preparing for your next endeavor, or at the very beginning of your leadership journey, we have a seat at the table for you.

Leadership Development Tailored to You

Together we will launch entrepreneurs, authors, artists, law partners, executives, board members and public servants. We will run people for office. We will prepare leaders for promotion, job changes and high-profile media engagements. We will help you fight through the internal and external challenges on the path to achieving your goals. We meet you where you are – and chart the course step by step with you.

The Collective

Leadership development surrounded by a community of support and accountability.

The Individual

One on one leadership development coaching tailored to you

The Intensive

A multi-week academy focused on specific skill building and deliverables.

This isn’t one size fits all. We are building a diverse community of leaders engaging in confidential, thoughtful skill development, support of and accountability to one another.

About Laura

Laura Fink: Executive Coach, Communication Expert, Consigliere

Laura Fink is a strategic communications expert and executive coach who helps women achieve and succeed in positions of power.

She has served as a trusted advisor to multiple Members of Congress, a Speaker of the California State Assembly and a President Pro-Tem of the California Senate. She has helped build and raise the profiles of diverse women seeking to launch and lead companies, serve on boards and commissions and run for public office.

Laura has represented scientists battling gender discrimination at storied research institutions, hotel and grocery workers raising their voices for respect on the job, and women publicly confronting those who abuse their power – from elected officials and CEOs to a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

Laura has counseled entrepreneurs, labor leaders, high profile philanthropists, attorneys and corporate executives — architecting the strategy and narrative that propels them to success.

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